Prometheus Steals the Divine Fire – a news story from ‎our time, rendered in verse

Reaching out to the Files of the Gods
Easier for someone with ‎
Root privilege and sysadmin skills. ‎

Pulling the Files off the Mount(ed) discs
Can only be done by
The technical expedient of
Being the man who changes the discs
And having
The spares.‎

‎“Oh, the backup didn’t work, did it? ‎
Here, I’ll make another one. ‎
And tuck the Files in my bag,‎
Where all I have is a moral compass
Pointing due north
To where
All people are created equal
And those words about liberty and
Justice for all
Have meaning.”‎

And one full empire and its tangled treaties
Falling into one another ‎
Like so many dominos
Too many,‎
No? ‎

The Gods are unhappy about this theft.‎
They know there is a blueprint
For the penalty that must be paid.‎
They read charts of liver and train
Sharp-beaked birds. ‎

We the people
Bask in the reflection of
That we can see
And share
And multiply forever
By the light of
The stolen Files. ‎

(In response to this, from Jon Schwarz.)