Annotation in my word lists

Progress continues on my list of fiber words in the Pentateuch. What I’ve been doing is adding the English translation (and sometimes, more than one translation, if an important word is disputed; and it often is) in its own column to my master data sheet.

I’ll publish the list here when I feel it’s done, but for now, it’s most definitely not done. There is a notes column, where I’ve indicated items that need more research (often with the phrase “more inquiry required” or a simple ??? notation.)

When I’m done with the list, it will have an additional set of columns documenting the Akkadian (if possible) etymological links to the words, and if I’m really adventurous, an early reference to the same word from a similar kind of text.

For now, it only has Hebrew word, verse, citation, note, and English translation. I’m beginning to wonder if I need wider paper for this!