Building a Tabernacle – Exodus Redux

Lots of neat things happen in Exodus, but the Biblical set of instructions for building the Tabernacle (a sort of mobile-home temple) has been on my mind since before I started studying.

The Tabernacle how-tos start in Exodus 25 and gone on until they actually get the whole thing built, basically by the end of the book. There are lots of very specific instructions, going into great detail, with lists of materials (kumaz in 35:23!)  and threads and complicated garments for the high priest and his sons.

At 35:25 we see women spinning! And they seem to be spinning the goats. (I hope the goats were shorn, and not spun in person but rather by way of a metonymy!)

At 36:17 the edge of the cloth is referred to as its “lip” – שְׂפַ֣ת הַיְרִיעָ֔ה – which does kind of  look like lips, if you’re folding it…

By the end of Exodus, I am up to fiber-entry number 142 – which probably means more like 160-170 words, not all of which will make it into the glossary.