Learning German – ongoing effort

What can I say about my German studies? I listen to each podcast twice, once very intently while sitting with no screen before me, the other while knitting or crocheting.

The written homework is fairly easy, I think. The lessons tell a story around Munich, which is a city I want to visit someday (but not live in; at least, right now I am not inclined to want to live there). The routine is this: I print out the written work, skim it… …then listen to the episode, do the homework – and later in the day listen to the episode again, during a knitting break.

It feels unremarkable, like walking along a paved road. I’m not confident enough to initiate conversations in German with the in-house German-competent human. Probably because most of the vocabulary has to do with hotels (and I don’t live in one), kobolds (less than fully useful in my daily life), and fussy gentlemen who don’t want me to say “du” – whereas I think my dear German coach would be most offended if I were formal with him, suddenly, after nearly sixteen years of marriage.

So far, so good. At least I learned to apologize in German. That will surely come in very handy!