Loops and Lips

Look at Exodus 36, with its rich description of the making of the tabernacle.

Do you see verse 11? “And he made loops of blue on the edge of one curtain from the selvedge in the coupling: likewise he made in the uttermost side of another curtain, in the coupling of the second.”

The Hebrew word refers to the “lip” of the cloth, rather than its edge. I was thinking about this today, while folding a blanket after yoga, and looking at the folded cloth could see where the image of a lip would come through.

I wonder what other words for fiber (and fiber tools) relate to the human anatomy. Did spindle whorls remind early fiber workers of any body part? How about the shaft? I don’t know what the word for just-the-shaft is in Biblical Hebrew, nor any of the other languages I’m looking at and for.