Next steps for my list of words

So, what will I do to these words, to make them ready for Packet 1, whose deadline is fast approaching?

Well, at the moment I have five columns:

  1. number;
  2. specific words;
  3. full verse;
  4. citation;
  5. notes about why the words strike me as interesting.

My next step is to add two additional columns:

  1. the King James translation of the verse in question;
  2. one additional translation of the verse in question.

There may be some more work to be done in the note column (because “woot! weavers!” sounds insufficiently academic). My plan is to do this work over two days – one for the quotes, one for the notes. When I’m done I’ll probably have some thirty pages of text.

Is that too much to send to Baco? Hmm. I hope not! The notes are probably the only really important pieces, the rest of the columns are more for corroboration. Perhaps I will typeset them accordingly? The final formatting is something I’m pondering a great deal – this has to carry my excitement and fascination, but also allow at least a porthole into the actual words fascinating me. Hmm. Perhaps a much smaller font size for the Hebrew? It is, after all, basically decorative.

Hmm. Much to decide about presentation.