The Fear Of Doing New Things

One of the issues that keeps cropping up in this study course is that I keep having to do things I’ve never done before.

And that. is. scary!

Not that I think bad things will happen to me if I do new things. Not that I am afraid of failing or of looking like a fool, both of which are things I’ve done often enough to be quite comfortable with them, if they turn up.

No, it’s something else: it’s that I do like to be prepared and competent at what I do, and to that end I massively overthink, overplan, and overpractice before I head out to center stage.

Case in point: getting these posts out of draft mode and into the light of day.

Case in point: getting to the library and finding and summoning books about the subjects I want to read about. I’ve never done that, and it feels scary – although, realistically, what could go wrong? (OK, mind, don’t answer that. Plenty could go wrong. What BAD THING could happen? NONE.)

I’ll practice that this coming week.