Stage fright.

Blog entries have been giving me stage-fright, and I have written all but published none in this packet period. Within the process of putting together this packet I have reviewed some of the drafts, and reluctantly assigned a date and pressed the “publish” button, to set them free into the world.

Absolutely all of the feedback I’ve received for my writing has been positive. My Twitter pals (I live on Twitter, right?) have been appreciative and supportive beyond any possible expectation.  There is no external reason for the bashfulness or stage fright. And yet, it is still there. I hope to have all fifteen entries up before I send out the next packet.

2 thoughts on “Stage fright.

  1. I know exactly how you feel – stage fright. You expose yourself in your blog, taking down the walls that comfortably surround and protect you most of the time. It’s not that easy. But it sure is worth it.
    You’re WONDERFUL!!!

    • Thank you, dear!
      I’ll keep blogging, among other reasons, because maybe my blog posts will please you. After all, you also like string… ::grin::

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