Worrying about Islamophobia

In the course of my first packet, something I wrote moved my Awesome Advisor to wonder if I might want to write a critical inquiry into the prospects of Egypt’s archeological treasures based on the goings on in Egypt (specifically) and North Africa (more generally).

I hesitate to write such a piece. While I am collecting information about possible changes to the way things are done there, it would be very hard to do any serious writing about it without entertaining the Orientalist, Islamophobic point of view that is so prevalent in the West today.

Islamophobia bothers me a lot. It seems that the required hatred is pointed at Muslims this decade. I’m glad it is no longer Russians or Germans, but unhappy about the Muslims being assigned the role of target of dehumanization. Any concerns I have about future decisions about archeology in Egypt could be played against Muslims, and I want to be quite sure that nothing I say or do is ever used in that way. Islam has its problems, much as every other religion does. But the favored position that hate-speech against Muslims and their religion is given in the U.S. and Europe today makes me quite ill.

So it is probably better that I just collect information, not write a full piece about this, for now.