This is a study journal, accompanying my progress towards a degree at Goddard College.

The way Goddard works, every semester starts out with a study plan – and the students go forth and study. Being a student, and knowing that I get to go forth and study right-about now, I’ve decided to put my thoughts and findings on the web, by way of accountability.

The point of this semester’s study is this: like Theseus in the Minotaur’s labyrinth, I will reach into the myths of origin and the epics of heroes from the Fertile Crescent, grab onto any string I can find (yarn, wool, fiber-bearing animals, fiber-processing tools) and follow it until I see the light of liberty andĀ luminescenceĀ of light.

To find the ends of string in the labyrinth, I will identify and read through mythic literature, which I define as the texts that are a) older than history and b) not attempting to document objective reality, and newer than prehistory – in other words, written words. It is my hope that in those texts, which lie in the liminal space between origins and reflection, I will learn about the dreams that humans use to spin the fibers of natural history into a the fabric or reality.

For a deeper understanding of the myths, I will learn about the languages and some of the cultures located in the Fertile Crescent between approximately 4000 B.C.E. and today (this will be an overview study and not a deep inspection of the languages and cultures), with a focus on the writing systems of each of them.

To broaden the scope of my understanding of the world, I will study German to the point where I can understand papers written in my fields of interest (this is a long-term goal, which I begin at this first semester.)

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