Study journal, semester 1, day 1

Oooh, this is still exciting!

Today is the first day of my first semester here. Other than finding some particularly awesome books (pictured) and enlisting the assistance of two research assistants (both feline, one pictured), my task list today involved starting the selection process of ancient texts to read after reviewing the full Hebrew text of the Old Testament (or are they Hebrew Scriptures?).

The point of the reading is to find words that relate to fiber, highlight them, and follow them around in various ways (etymology, archaeology, history of use).

So far today I have:

  • put together (or rather, repurposed) this blog;
  • done lesson 1 of my German studies;
  • gotten very excited about the Epic of Gilgamesh and the three volumes of Ancient Egyptian Literature from Stanford Press.

My plan for later today:

  • read Genesis to look for fiber words (not the whole thing, just until I’m fed up with it. Some parts are kind of tiresome);
  • prepare appropriate MLA-formated citations for my pile of new books (see below);
  • And that’s it! That’s enough for one day. I can’t study everything all at once… or can I?

This reading list is Cisco-approved

This is what I found from a dive into the local used bookshop. See Cisco’s big grin?