German, Dutch, Hebrew, English




When you need insight into Dutch or Flemish documents or events, we are glad to help. Also keep us in mind for including German, Hebrew, and English. 



Daniel's formative years of childhood and post-secondary education were in Dutch-speaking countries. His education started in the Netherlands, and he would eventually attend universities in the Netherlands and Belgium (as well as a few years in Jerusalem. This is the 'it's complicated' educational plan). He worked throughout these years as a translator and interpreter, gaining microphone mileage and text dexterity.

His primary focus is on legal documents and patents.



"I have an accent in every language I speak," says Daniel. He's had a chance to test this when interpreting in Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and all over the United States. Court accreditation with the Washington State Administration of the courts Court Interpreters program has taken him around the U.S., wherever a crime was committed in Dutch - or where Dutch-speaking litigants needed a boost with their English. 


What about flemish?

"Dutch and Flemish are as similar to each other as British and American English," explains Daniel. Unlike English, though, Dutch and Flemish share a governing body, the Dutch Language Union (Nederlandse Taalunie), which hands downs decisions about orthography and usage.