German, Dutch, Hebrew, English




Daniel can help you with any German to English translation or any interpreting project including German, Dutch, Hebrew, and English. 


Translation - mostly legal

Patents and court documents relating to them form a big part of our German-to-English translation work. Supported by a strong degree in translation from the University of Leuven with a focus on German and Dutch legal terminology, Daniel's work is to convey the intricacies of the legal systems in German speaking countries. 


Interpreting - Anything, anywhere

Getting into a booth and being a real-time conduit for meaning via language is the height of pleasure for Daniel. He has interpreted for scientific conferences, high stakes business meetings, WTO hearings, and  for visiting dignitaries. He is accredited for German (as well as Dutch and Hebrew) with the Washington State Administration of the Courts Interpreters Program.

Swiss German, a separate dialect of German, has been a field of specific study for Daniel since his early childhood. This skill  has proved helpful for schedulers and clients over the years. 


"German resonates with the sweet sounds and rhythms of my childhood."