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Our Team


Our Team

All our translations and interpreting are done by Daniel and Dena Bugel-Shunra. 

Daniel, dressed for interpreting.

Daniel, dressed for interpreting.

Geerhard (Daniel) Bugel-Shunra

Having lived in four countries and on three continents, Daniel likes crossing linguistic as well as physical borders. His education included all four of his active languages: German (standard as well as Swiss), Dutch (Flemish and Netherlands varieties), English (primarily U.S. variants), and Modern Israeli Hebrew. 

"Simultaneous interpreting was my original career goal; my translation practice grew up around it and delights me, daily."


Dena uses more dictionaries at once than is healthy.

Dena uses more dictionaries at once than is healthy.

Dena Bugel-Shunra

Dena prides herself at having translated more books than she can physically carry. Falling into translation when she was in her twenties, she has translated instruction manuals, medical reports, insurance policies, localized software and hardware interfaces, and interpreted in depositions, meetings, courts, and community events. She is equally fluent in Hebrew and English and translates both ways.

"I like translating the easy things, like technical specifications, contracts and handwritten evidence; not the hard things, like sociology, sport, or dance." 


Microsoft Shunra

The late, lamented Mikey (named for his size and the texture of his fur) helped inspire accuracy in translations and pounced on any inelegant phrase or typing hand.


Cisco Shunra

Often working undercover, Cisco is named for a tech giant. He was the best of cats, a gentle giant, and lived until Tax Day of 2017.

Miss RedHat.jpg

Redhat Shunra

The last survivor, RedHat lived on past both her littermates, She retained her supervisory role at Shunra Media until her death, in March 2019.